Your LinkedIn Marketing Department Discovery Day

Imagine Having The Ability To Get The Exact Clients, Referral Sources Or Investors You Want At Your Fingertips. 

October 18, 2019 In Scottsdale, Arizona

What If You Could Attract More Of The "A-Lister" Clients, Referral Sources Or Investors You Want Without Having To Spend Any More Of Your Precious Time Chasing Them?

"Attending this event was one of the best investments I've ever made for growing my business. I've had a LinkedIn profile for years but never used it for getting new business. This opened my eyes to how powerful of a tool LinkedIn can be along with an entirely new way of tapping into it. "

Ginger A. CEO Of Your Marketing Liaison LLC

"I used to think of LinkedIn as just a place to put my career history and experience. Yakov showed me that LinkedIn is a platform that can play a major role in generating leads and referrals for my business of real estate. I am looking forward to using the valuable information and knowledge that he taught me to grow my business and expand my clientele base, right now and for the future."

Craig H. Real Estate Agent

About Your LinkedIn Marketing Department Discovery Day

Dear Friend,

You've probably heard by now that LinkedIn can be a land flowing with opportunity when it comes to attracting the top-tier clients, referral sources, or investors you're looking for.

And even though you've had a LinkedIn profile for quite some time, there's a good chance you've haven't gotten much more out of being on LinkedIn than an online resume.

What's fascinating is the new level of opportunity now available to business owners on LinkedIn since it's acquisition by Microsoft.

What Would It Be Like If You Had A New Way Of Attracting Your Dream Clients, Referral Sources Or Investors Which Most Of Your Competition Is Still Completely Clueless About?  

My name is Yakov Smart. As a Trusted Advisor to CEOs and Sales Leaders worldwide along with being the author of Disrupting LinkedIn, you'll quickly recognize me to be very different from those "digital marketing experts" and "lead generation gurus" out there.

This is because of three very important reasons.

1. I've actually been in the trenches working with other people like you on a regular basis. In other words, everything you'll hear me share is based around what actually works on planet earth instead of some theoretical mumbo jumbo coming from who knows where.

2. I've developed a unique way of making this new way of using LinkedIn as simple to digest and implement in your business as possible. In other words get ready to drastically reduce your learning curve so that you don't have to spend hundreds of hours learning and refining so many of these strategies like I did.

3. I've recognized that for the people we work with, it's not necessarily about filling their "lead buckets" with hundreds of sub-par leads. Lead generation is great but using LinkedIn to attract the A-Listers you want into your business is what makes the real difference.

When You Attend Your LinkedIn Marketing Department Discovery Day, Expect To Be Absolutely Blown Away When You Experience The Difference Of Having A New Way Of Using LinkedIn For Attracting

Who exactly are these A-Listers?

They're the 20% of your Clients Or Referrals Sources responsible for 80% of your revenue.

These are the people who are constantly being bombarded by sales pitches.
They're in the highest demand and the most ideal people who you want doing business with you.

Your LinkedIn Marketing Department Discovery Day was built to arm you with an entirely new toolbox for attracting these types of people into your business.

Attending Your LinkedIn Marketing Discovery Day Is For You If...

✔ You know it's now more important than ever to be able to differentiate yourself and not be seen as "just another..." to the A-Listers who you want to attract

✔ You’re tired of wasting your time chasing people who are flaky, trying to nickel and dime you and anything but an ideal fit for exactly who you're looking for

✔ You know there's bound to be potential in using LinkedIn to attract the A-Listers you want, are unsure of exactly where to start and the last thing you want to do is come off like those annoying people who try to pitch you stuff on LinkedIn all the time

✔ You have a huge vision, want to leave your competition in the dust and are constantly looking for that extra edge when it comes to getting to the next-level even faster

A Taste Of What You'll Get When Attending:
✓ Session #1: Your LinkedIn R.O.I. Roadmap ($197 Value): How to Lay the mission-critical foundations for using Your LinkedIn Profile To Generate Leads, Receive Referrals, Attract Your Dream Clients And Substantially Boost Your Business 

✓ Session #2: Your LinkedIn S.P.O.T. Formula ($197 Value): Your Proven Formula To Start Building Highly-Targeted Lists Of Your Ideal Clients And Referral Partners Within Minutes, Positioning Yourself As The Go-To Authority Using Your LinkedIn Profile, Getting People Eagerly Responding To Your Messages And Opening The Doors To A-Lister Relationships 

✓ Session #3: Your LinkedIn Marketing Dept. Deep Dive ($197 Value): Your Detailed Look Into Putting The Strategies Together And Building A Turn-key LinkedIn Marketing Department For Attracting Your A-Listers

✓ Bonus #1: LinkedIn A.C.E. Powerpack Training Program ($197 Value): An Entirely On-Demand Training System You’ll Have Access To Anywhere, Anytime For Positioning Yourself As The Premiere Authority In Your Market and Attracting More Of Your Dream Clients On A Consistent Basis

✓ Bonus #2: Digital Copy Of Disrupting LinkedIn ($20 Value): Your personal copy of Yakov’s renowned book, Disrupting LinkedIn immediately at your fingertips

✓ Bonus #3: Complimentary Guest Admission (Priceless): Have Another Business Owner Or Team Member Attend With You At No Additional Cost

Along With...

✦Time-Tested Techniques For Instantly Increasing Your LinkedIn Visibility By 50% Or More

✦ The Five Hidden Keys To Quickly Positioning Yourself As Somebody Who Your A-Listers Can Instantly Trust And Will Want To Talk To Using Your LinkedIn Profile

✦ How To Never Run Out Of Content To Post On LinkedIn Again While Getting Free Exposure From Google

✦ Ridiculously Powerful Strategies For Utilizing LinkedIn’s Built-In Robots And Getting More Of Your A-Listers Coming To You

✦ A Wildly Effective Approach To Building Your LinkedIn Network And Triggering LinkedIn To Consistently Put You In Front Of Your A-Lister Connections On Auto-Pilot

✦ The New Way Of Using LinkedIn For Getting Referrals To Entire Streams Of Potential A-Listers...This One Method Alone Can Lead To You Getting Multiple Referrals Delivered To You On A Golden Platter

✦ How To Automatically Start Filling Your LinkedIn Network With Responsive A-Listers In Twenty Minutes A Day Or Less… The Majority Of People Have No Idea This Specific Strategy Even Exists

✦ Connections And Powerful New Relationships With The Other "A-List" Caliber Business Owners Who Will Be Right There In The Room With You

✦ Plus...Your Chance To Have Your Questions Answered And Receive Personalized Coaching Directly From Me

My 3 No B.S. Guarantees...

No B.S. Guarantee #1

I guarantee that this will be unlike any other "Event" you've ever...ever attended.

No B.S. Guarantee #2

I guarantee that you’ll be treated with A+ service and care from the very moment you walk into the event.

No B.S. Guarantee #3

I guarantee that if by lunchtime you don't feel like you've already received more than twice the value of your investment for attending, you'll simply be able to let me know and get your money-back, no questions asked.


Friday, October 18th, 2019:

8:15-9 AM, Check-In

9 AM-Noon, Morning Sessions

Noon-1 PM, Question And Answer Luncheon With Yakov

1-4 PM: Afternoon Sessions

"My LinkedIn network has grown by over 5000% since starting to use Yakov’s system. I’ve added well over $50,000 to my income as a result” 

Alan P. President and CEO Of Advancing With Us Inc.

"After using just one of Yakov's LinkedIn content strategies, I was able to set a handful of new appointments and enroll multiple brokers. "

Stephen M. President of South Bay Energy

"Having spent tens of thousands of dollars on some of the best marketing experts, coaches and mentors out there, none of them have been able to show me these kinds of results. I'm able to generate hundreds of potential leads a week in a market where I was a complete unknown"

Lisa H. JD. Managing Member Of Legal Transparency LLC

Registration For Your LinkedIn Marketing Department Discovery Day Is On A First-Come First-Served Basis. 

Reserve Your Spot Before Midnight on October 11th For The Super Early-Bird Investment Of Just $497 $297.

Still have additional questions or want to learn more about 1-on-1 coaching instead?

Click here to book a time on my calendar, and I'll be glad to personally walk you thru what the best option is for you and your business.

Look forward to talking with you in the near future and learning more about the type of impact attending this event can have for you.

To Your Continued Success,
Yakov Smart
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